Payment methodService providerProcessing time*Processing charges ***
Nuvei LimitedImmediate1 business dayFrom 1.05% to 3.05% + up to 3.65€**From 1.05% to 3.05% + up to 4€**
Paysafe payment Solutions LimitedImmediate1 business dayFrom 0% to 1.5% 
+ 0.29€**From 0% to 1% 
+ 4€**
Paysafe payment Solutions LimitedImmediate1 business dayFrom 0% to 3.9% 
+ 0.29€**From 0% to 1% 
+ 5€**
Unlimint EU LtdImmediate1 business dayFrom 1.8% to 4% 
+ 0.25€**1.5% + 1€**
PayPro S.A.Immediate1 business day1.8%**1.8%**
ISX Financial EU PLCImmediate1 business day1%**up to 50 €**
Equals Money PLCImmediate1 business day1%**£20 SWIFT, £10 SEPA, £10 Faster Payments**
1-3 business days1 business day0.05%**0.05%**

*It is clarified that the Processing Time regards the time needed by the Company to process the relevant transactions internally and does not consider the time needed by the recipient’s bank and/or wallet to credit the said amount to their accounts held within those entities. The Company is no liable for any delays caused by a payment method provider. If the Client is not using SEPA, then the transfer may be more than three working days depending on the actual transfer method chosen by the Client.

**It is noted that the Company, at its own discretion, chooses to cover the relevant processing charges if these do not exceed the industry-wide standard and reasonable amounts. In scenarios where the additional charges are born due to an unusual size of the transfer and/or transfers made to/out any foreign bank accounts, the Client shall be responsible for covering of such charges and the due amount shall be deduced from their respective trading account accordingly.

***The Company does not charge the client for the bank transfers; however, the Client’s bank and the corresponding bank may apply their relevant charges. In addition, it is noted that the Company reserves the rights to charge the Client’s respective account in the scenario outside the standard and regular business at its own discretion.


The Client may deposit funds into the Client Account at any time during the course of their business relationship with the Company. Deposits will be made via the methods detailed above and, in the currencies accepted by the Company. The Company accepts deposits and conduct withdrawals in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP.

The above presented processors are regulated entities as follows: Nuvei Limited (trading as Safecharge) and Unlimint EU Ltd (trading as Unlimint) and ISX Financial EU PLC (trading as iSXMoney) are regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus, Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited (trading as Skrill and/or Neteller) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. PayPro S.A. (trading as Przelewy24) is regulated by Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego of Poland. Equals Money PLC (trading as Equals Money) is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If the Client makes a deposit, the Company shall credit the relevant Client Account with the relevant amount actually received by the Company (until 13.00 CET) once the amount is cleared in the bank account of the Company.

The Company shall have the right to request from the Client at any time any documentation to confirm the source of funds deposited into the Client Account. The Company shall have the right to reject a deposit of the Client if the Company is not duly satisfied as to the legality of the source of funds and resend them back to the sender using the same method used to finance the account. It is agreed and understood that the Company will not accept third party or anonymous payments in the Client Account.


Upon receipt of the Withdrawal Request placed by the Client through the Client Trading Area, the Company shall make withdrawals of Client funds in the method that had been used to fund the account or where that is not practicable, other methods as accepted by the Company on a case-by-case basis.

Upon the Company receiving of the Withdrawal Request (until 13.00 CET), it shall process the said request within the same or next Business Day, if the following requirements are met:

  1. The Withdrawal Request includes all required information;
  2. The Withdrawal Request is to make a transfer to the originating account from which the money was originally deposited or as may be otherwise agreed between the Company and the Client;
  3. The account where the transfer is to be made belongs to the Client;
  4. At the moment of payment, the Client’s Balance exceeds the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction including all payment charges;
  5. There is no Force Majeure event which prohibits the Company from effecting the withdrawal.


The Company will not make any withdrawals to any other third party or anonymous account. The Company can reasonably decline the Withdrawal Request of the Client asking for a specific transfer method and the Company has the right to suggest an alternative.

All payment and transfer charges of third parties (e.g., banks or payment service providers) will be borne, at the discretion of the Company, by the Client and the former shall debit the relevant Client Account for these charges.

The Client may send the request for internal transfer of funds to another Client Account held by him with the Company. Such internal transfers shall be subject to the Company’s policy from time to time.

If a mistake is made by the Company during the transfer of funds, these shall be refunded to the Client. It is understood that should the Client provide wrong instructions for a transfer, the Company may be unable to correct the mistake and the Client may have to suffer the loss.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 73.57% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs . You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please consider our Risk Disclosure.