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Why use Trading Central?

Technical views

Technical Views is a powerful tool for finding new trade ideas with clear trend lines, unparalleled coverage, and updated analyses.

Alpha Generation

Alpha Generation consists of three innovative MetaTrader indicators: market psychology to identify new trade opportunities and potential entry/exit points.

Pattern recognition indicators

Alpha Generation

Alpha Generation supports decision-making with three innovative indicators representing market psychology, new opportunity identification and potential entry/exit points. Indicators are integrated into MetaTrader MT5 charts.

Analyst expertise

Analyst Views

Analyst Views is the world’s only financial market research solution combining senior analyst experience with automated algorithms. Patented pattern recognition monitors global markets 24/7, covering over 8,000 instruments and updating analysis whenever new price levels are met.

Technical Views

Simple and practical trading insights

Leverage the best of both worlds with a unique combination of quantitative pattern recognition technology combined with senior analysts’ technical analysis knowledge across 8,000 instruments, 24/7.

Technical Trade Setups
With clear trendlines, pivots and key levels shown, you can take make use of live trade setups.

Position Management
All setups contain potential profit targets and reversal areas that invalidate a trade to help you manage risk.

Simple Lookup
Monitor your existing positions or validate your trading ideas with our easy search feature, providing fast access to recent analysis.

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Alpha Generation

Plug MT5™ indicators

Alpha Generationallows you to make informed trading decisions with the help of three next-gen indicators, with new trade ideas and potential entry and exit points on the powerful MT5 platform.

Analyst Views™

Gain an instant, on-chart technical interpretation that displays the current market trend and key price levels.

Adaptive Candlesticks

Real-time scans for 16 of the most popular technical candlestick patterns on any chart and timeframe.

Adaptive Divergence Convergence

Designed for short-term trading, gain access to entry and exit signals in both long and short directions.

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How to get your analysis from Trading Central

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Practical market insights

View the latest technical insights on a range of popular instruments, receiving practical information from award-winning Trading Central analysts.

Ideas right in the trading terminal

Clear key levels for the transactions. A set of time-tested indicators allows you to take into account market psychology, visually show entry and exit points in transactions, and provide alternative scenarios in case of unfavourable developments.

Everything necessary for your decision

Trading Central Signals are generated directly on the chart. Buy signals are generated in green, and sell signals are generated in red.

Simultaneously with the analysis of levels, divergences and convergences, the algorithms track the formation of the 16 most common candle combinations.

Tune in to your rhythm

Indicators are able to generate slow and fast signals both on the price chart and on the chart of the indicators themselves.

The set includes convergence/divergence oscillators for short-term trades.

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